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Now Available: Shakeology's New High-Protein Hot Sauce!

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Pat Crawley

8 Yoga Poses That’ll Help You Poop (After Class, Hopefully)

If you’ve ever entered your yoga class feeling a little, um, backed

Kayne Collins

The Best Hiking Sandals for All Your Summer Outings

Toe design and protectionOpen-toe sandals are the more breathable option, but they

Kayne Collins

The Right—And Wrong—Way to Approach Working Out With Migraine

Migraine and exercise have a somewhat…complicated relationship. That’s because there’s really no

Kayne Collins

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9 Serratus Anterior Exercises for Ripped Ribs!

Want to press more weight, do more push-ups, improve shoulder mobility, and look super-heroic with your shirt off? You may

Pat Crawley Pat Crawley

Is the Sugar In Fruit Just as Bad as Regular Sugar?

Fruits are called nature’s candy for a reason: They are our largest source of sugar in minimally processed whole foods.

Pat Crawley Pat Crawley

On Sneakers Are Having a Moment. Here Are Our Favorite Pairs to Try

Here at SELF, we love a wide range of walking shoes, but ones from On stand out, thanks to their

Kayne Collins Kayne Collins

Fire Up Your Entire Core With the Pilates Teaser

In a well-rounded Pilates program like XB Pilates, most moves will work your entire body, especially your core. However, there are

Pat Crawley Pat Crawley

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    ¡Llegó 3 Day Split con Autumn Calabrese!

    April 11, 2024 | BY: BODi April 11, 2024 BODi ¿Quién dice que tienes que hacer ejercicio todos los días

    Pat Crawley Pat Crawley

    Somogyi Effect: Navigating Blood Sugar Swings In Diabetes: HealthifyMe

    Navigating the complexities of managing diabetes introduces us to various phenomena that directly impact blood glucose levels. Among these, the

    Sam Hubbert Sam Hubbert

    Dawn Phenomenon: Identifying And Managing Symptoms: HealthifyMe

    When managing diabetes, it is ideal to maintain morning blood glucose levels between 70 and 99 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL).

    Sam Hubbert Sam Hubbert

    What the Hell Is a ‘Butt Wink’—And Is It Really All That Bad?

    It seems like there’s a form adage for everything in fitness, especially for common exercises like the squat. Keep your

    Kayne Collins Kayne Collins

    The Yin-Yang Workouts That You'll Want to Pair Together

    Humans are creatures of habit. We tend to find a routine that works and stick with it. That’s fine for

    Pat Crawley Pat Crawley

    Desi Food: Debunking Myths About Indian Cuisine: HealthifyMe

    In a world saturated with information and literature on dietary trends and nutritional advice, Desi cuisine often finds itself under

    Sam Hubbert Sam Hubbert